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Commercial Driver Training, Inc.

A Tradition of Excellence

Welcome to Commercial Driver Training, Inc.—New York’s oldest driving school for the workforce in the trucking industry. After decades of providing quality driving lessons for Tractor Trailers, trucks, and bus drivers, we have continued to maintain our solid reputation as a specialized provider of excellent programs to cover the unique and strict requirements of different sectors, from fleet companies to individuals choosing the path of commercial driving as a career.

Founded in 1961, our school has been providing professional courses to produce highly skilled, well prepared, and responsible commercial drivers. Our Mission is to develop professional drivers to have a strong outlook on life, safety, protection of property, equipment and the environment through team-work. We are able to achieve this consistently by using our proven training methods and by updating our curricula to comply with the current regulations.

A Comprehensive Range of Courses

We offer a best array of programs, both Career Programs and individual courses, meticulously designed to provide participants essential knowledge and practical experience in driving. Our career courses are for those individuals wanting to undergo fun vocational training through classroom and vehicle instruction for tractor-trailer, truck, or bus driving. Our individual programs include one on one driving lessons to prepare for road testing. We also provide fleet training and refresher courses. We also provide extensive fleet training from safety course to remedial training as well as refresher courses.

A World of Opportunities

The driver training for provide serves as a ticket to start a promising and rewarding career in the trucking industry. Our team of experienced and guide students throughout their journey to this rewarding industry.

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